Large Srotamsi Banner

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Large Srotamsi Banner 33 by 43 inches. Grommeted vinyl banner great for indoor or out door use. 

This is a clearance item left over from being displayed at festivals and conferences. It is in good condition but may have scuffs or scrapes around the corners or edges. There is at least one typo in this banner.

The srotas, are channels through which the doshas, dhatus and malas travel. There are fifteen Srotas (channels), Eight for each dhatu including Artava, three for malas (excretions), one for Prana and one for mana (mind). Each one has functions, descriptions, mula (root), marga (path), mukha (opening), Avayana (organs), causes and signs and symptoms.  

Text inspired by notes from Dr. Lad. Art and design by Aaron Staengl © Free shipping.

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