Shipping terms


The shipping calculator is not accurate Ayurvedaposters may send you an invoice for extra shipping charges if you have a large order. The orders can take 2 to 3 weeks to get to you, please do not be in a hurry to get orders, if you need them very quickly, Ayurvedaposters can have a local printing company print them close to you, or other arrangements can be made but we can not guarantee that orders will get to you in time. 

All international or over seas customers please note that you may have to pay duties or tariffs according to the import laws of your country, Ayurvedaposters is not responsible for any extra charges occurred along the way. Additionally Ayurvedaposters may send you an invoice to pay extra shipping costs if the over seas order costs  more then $25 USD to ship to your country.  What you pay on the Ayurvedaposters website is not the actual shipping cost, its just an estimation, so be aware that you might have to pay extra. Also over seas orders may take 3 to 5 weeks to arrive (or more) so please do not be in a hurry to get them and do not expect them to get to you quickly, it may take a long time. If you need them faster find a local printing company and Ayurvedaposters will send the file to them,  we will refund your printing cost and you will get your posters very quickly.