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This is a set of 2 large Marma Posters, 17 by 22 inches with a thick 3 mil lamination, two posters showing back and front view with smaller side view. These new charts also have descriptions of which organs and body systems the marmas connect too. Marma points are vital energy points coming from the ancient systems of Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Knowledge and understanding of marma point therapies dates back many thousands of years. The word ‘marma’ was first used in the Atharva Veda. Marma points are junctures where bones, tendons, veins, arteries or nerves may cross or connect. They are usually close to the skin surface through which Prana, the vital energy flows. According to the Susruta Samhita the ancient treatise on ayurveda, the human body contains 107 marma points which, when massaged, pressed or stimulated produces a healing effect. Varma ati recognizes 108 marmas. They are often treated with herbal infused oils, essential oils or herbal compresses. Marma therapy is an important part of ayurveda.

Art and design by Aaron Staengl (Ananta)


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