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This Vata chart gives basic descriptions of the following ayurvedic concepts: 1. Qualities of vata Dosha 2. Body type description of vata (including time of day, season etc..) 3. Sub types of vata 4. Main sites of vata Dosha 5. What imbalances vata Dosha 6. Manifestations of vata imbalance 7. How to treat vata 8. Herbs for vata Dosha 9. Yoga asanas for vata. Art and design by Aaron Staengl (Ananta).
They say in Ayurveda that the root of all diseases and imbalances start with vata imbalances as the root, so understanding vata, even if your constitution is not vata predominant is vital. Vata has its normal functions in the body as the 5 sub-types of vayu (vata), and can wreak havoc when these forces are out of balance. People with vata constitution are most prone to vata imbalances and the elderly, but anyone following an erratic and irregular lifestyle which is so common in the modern era of information overload is prone to vata imbalances. This silicon age of information is like an age of vata in itself.



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