Cosmic Cycle

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According to this model of the cosmic cycle, Parama Purusha and Prakrti find fulfillment in Sancara and Pratisaincara (introversal and extraversal phase of the cosmic cycle) Purusa is the seer and Prakrti is the act of seeing.Consciousness is metamorphosed by Prakrti and the three gunas into mahat, aham'tattva, and citta. These stages of the cosmic mind are further crudified into the pancha maha bhuta (the five fundamental factors) and after the solid factor is created out of clash and cohesion, evolution takes place when consciousness finds expression through the media of life and eventually developed life, finally human beings are finely attuned enough to practice sadhana (spiritual practice) and devotion and merge back into the cosmic nucleus, or divine hub of the universe. Art and design by Aaron Staengl (Ananta). check out my new art website for more of my fine art:

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