Mars Mangala banner 3x4 ft

Product no.: 321-0005 (postersize: 3x4ft)
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Mars Mangala Jyotisha banner, with yantra and vahana (animal vehicle) , 3x4 ft (36 by 48 inch) vinyl banner with grammets.

Mars, Maṅgala मङ्गल , Kuja कुज, the red planet, also known as Lohit (Made of Iron), he is born from Shiva's sweat or blood drop. Also he is the god of war. Mars is considered a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. He represents self-confidence, assertiveness, determination, and abilities to fighting against all odds, endurance, efforts, aggression, wars, violence, accidents, in our body he relates to blood, muscle, and bodily heat.


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321-0005 3x4ft $55.00 *
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