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this is my latest Marma chart, showing all 3 views, at a full 36 x 24 inches, it is a must for any Pancha karma clinic, Ayurvedic practitioners office or Ayurvedic school. The word 'marma' was first used in the Atharva Veda. Marma points are junctures where bones, tendons, veins, arteries or nerves may cross or connect. They are usually close to the skin surface through which Prana, the vital energy flows. According to the Susruta Samhita the ancient treatise on ayurveda, the human body contains 107 (or 108) marma points which, when massaged, pressed or stimulated produces a healing effect. They are often treated with herbal infused oils, essential oils or herbal compresses. Marma therapy is an important part of ayurveda. Marma points are key connecting points in the body where bones, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves cross or join together. These points correspond to organs, bodily systems and energy channels throughout the body. They are a vital part of Ayurvedic treatment and massage. There are many different methods of massaging and manipulating them as well as specific essential oils and compresses for different effects.

Art and design by Aaron Staengl (Ananta)


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