Extra Large Chakra 3x5 ft

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Extra large Chakra banner, 3 x 5 feet (36 x 60 inches) on vinyl with plastic tabs in the corners for easy hanging. The Chakra poster gives basic information of the following Tantrik concepts 1. Chakras 2. Nadis 3. Lokas 4. Koshas 5. Glands Chakras or plexus are a collection of glands and sub-glands. Each charka is at the intersecting points of the three main nadis (subtle energy channels) Ida, Pingala and susumna. Chakras are like sub centers of the mind because each Chakra has a collection of Vritiis that govern thoughts feelings and emotions based on the associated endocrine gland and its secretion. Also Yoga postures for each Chakra are inclued in this posters. Art and design by Aaron Staengl (Ananta)

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