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Decoding Your Life Map With Vedic Astrology (Mar 12, 2012) Starring simon chokoisky , set of 3 DVD's. Educational videos for understanding your own Jyotisha chart, and more. Decode Your Karma... Decode Your Life! Imagine you’re on a quest to discover a sacred treasure- the map of your life. After searching for some time, you find it, only to realize it’s in a script you can’t understand. This is the horoscope, and it’s written in enigmatic symbols and numbers up to now accessible only to trained astrologers. DECODING YOUR LIFE MAP WITH VEDIC ASTROLOGY was created to help you QUICKLY read the secret script of your life, because EVERYBODY should have access to the self-knowledge their chart provides, without having to consult or BECOME AN ASTROLOGER! In these easy to understand videos, you will learn how to : *Find Your Soul Purpose *QUICKLY uncover Hang Ups… AND their Antidotes *Discover your Sacred Sound *Express your Talents *Channel your Vital Energy *Decode Challenges and Restrictions... And much, much more… including special sections like “How to Time Anything in your Day for Optimal Success.” And the best part is, THERE’S NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

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