New Sapta Dhatu and Five Kosha Power point presentations!


I am available for teaching about Ayurveda, chakras or other material on my posters, email me if you would like to book a seminar or workshop in your area.

All new Sun Salutation Poster (look on the 2nd page of the chakra and Yoga poster section).

Check out my latest Jyotisha poster, full of information illuminating the ancient science of Indian astrology and Ayurveda. (click the jyotisha tab in my products section to order a full 18x24" poster)

My All new Brahma Cakra (Cosmic Cycle) Poster at 18x24 inches. Brahma Cakra is the cosmic cycle where consciousness (Purusa) manifests the universe and all its layers through the binding principle of Prakrti (nature, energy). She manifests from subtle to crude by the clash and cohesion of the three gunas; sattva, rajah and tamah. Slowly consciousness finds its way back again through the process of evolution, hence Gods manifestation and expression is not contrary to evolution and the scientific model.


Set of three 18x24 inch Ayurvedic Herb Posters

With Information for each herb including Rasa, Virya, Vipaka, guna, energetic properties, action, uses, and effect on each dosha.

New Poster for Koshas (layers or sheaths of the unit mind) and Lokas (layers of the Cosmic mind, or worlds)


The latest 18 x 24 inch tongue diagnosis poster, available now! Also, the all new "Ayurvedic Mandala"

We are dedicated to the visual representation and illustration of concepts in Ayurvedic Philosophy, and practice, Tantric philosophy and practice, Yoga
and Bio-psychology. Our products include: posters, charts, cards, prints, illustrations, original art, power point presentations and herbal remedies (some of these items are under construction but will be available soon).

New Marma Posters with descriptions of organs and body systems that the marma points connect too

Below is my latest Ayurvedic Poster available in 18x24", I tried to fit it all in: Samkhaya, 8 branches, 5 elements, 3 doshas (& their subtypes), 7 tissues, 3 essences, Agni, Ama, prakruti, and Vikruti, I may make a separate whole poster for each section in this one, for Ayurvedic teachers.

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Our posters and charts are designed to aid in learning and teaching: in schools, Institutes, clinics, offices, spas, yoga studios and for individuals to increase their self knowledge; in the spirit of Ayurveda. Or they may be simply used to increase the aesthetic beauty of a particular place. "Health is Wealth" and health is achieved through increasing knowledge and expanding awareness. We must learn about how to live in harmony with our inner and outer nature and not always be dependent on someone to give us a "quick fix" pill. Our Ayurvedic charts and posters are designed for this purpose. Health through self knowledge and preventative medicine. I am always striving to push the edge and create the best products in my field, visually stunning, aesthetic, clear, and more informative than other posters available. 
All art and design work done by Aaron Staengl (Ananta)

The new large 18x24" Ayurvedic Herb Poster with 168 Ayurvedic herbs including the Sanskrit, Latin, and common names.

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What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the ancient science of self healing coming from India and is thought to be more than 5,000 years old. The Sanskrit word "Ayus" means life or living, and the word "Veda" means knowledge or Science, therefore Ayurveda means the science of life, or the knowledge of living in harmony with ones internal and external environment. The fundamental spirit of Ayurveda is to be able to understand and heal oneself on the physical, mental and spiritual level, and to understand how these parts of ourselves are in harmony or disharmony with our environment and the macrocosm in general. This is done with a wide variety of therapies utilized in Ayurveda: Herbal medicine, dietary changes, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, medicated oils, meditation, yoga postures, exercise, sound therapy (mantra) and many more. Virtually every thing in the universe is seen in the light of Ayurveda as either beneficial to the individual or harmful, and how to antidote those harmful effects.

Traditionally there are eight main branches of Ayurveda.
1. Kayachikitsa -Internal Medicine
2. Balachikitsa -Paediatrics
3. Graha Chikitsa -Psychiatry
4. Salakya Chikitsa -ENT (ear, nose, throat and head)
5. Salya Chikitsa -Surgery
6. Visha Chikitsa -Toxicology
7. Rasayana -Rejuvenation Therapy
8. Vajeekarana -Aphrodisiac treatment

Latest Chakra and Vrtti poster, available in 18 by 24 inch size. (in English, German, or Portuguese)

My teacher Dr. Vasant Lad and I at the World European Ayurvedic Congress 2009

All art and design work done by Aaron Staengl (Ananta)
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New, bigger, and better marma posters created daily.

Aaron Staengl Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved


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